Role of icb in the capital

Capital Market of Bangladesh: Capital market includes and refers to a number of institution and organizations whereby the suppliers of long-term fund make transactions. Included among these are transactions in the debt and equality issues of business houses as well as the debt instruments of Government agencies and similar other bodies.

Role of icb in the capital

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Role of icb in the capital

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You can also email us at studentservices kaplan.In this connection ICB is playing an important role from the very beginning to make the market stable and liquid.

The activities of ICB are pivotal to the Development of the Capital Market in Bangladesh, which is crucial for the sake of accelerating the pace of industrial Development.

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Find out how in this article. The main objective of this report is to identify Role of ICB in the Capital Market of Bangladesh. Other objectives of this report are to find out the present condition of Bangladesh Capital Market and examine the operational procedure of ICB.

Banks are important financial institutions, which play a vital role in the economy of a country. It deals with credit i.e., accepts deposit from .

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