Ms word 2010 tutorial

Creating Contract-Type Documents Contracts and other forms can be typed like normal documents, with form fields inserted wherever the data is variable changing each time. Using the ab button, we've inserted a text form field see the gray dotted area in which the person's name will be typed. If that name is Anne Troy meit will look like this when completed the word end is at the end of the first line of the sentence:

Ms word 2010 tutorial

Place insert cursor where you want to insert form control and under Controls group, click the desired control button. As for aforementioned document, we will be inserting Rich Text Control Content adjacent to title Name.

Ms word 2010 tutorial

It will insert a Rich Text form control. Now for Gender and Marital status, we will be writing two options and adding checkboxes for each option. For inserting checkbox, from Controls group, click Checkbox content control button.

For inserting Occupation info, we want users to have multiple options to choose from, so we will insert Drop-Down List Control. From Controls group, click Drop-down list button. Now insert Email option, first we will insert a text box and then a drop down list.

Head over to Insert tab and from Text box option, click Draw Textbox. Draw a text box next to Email, as shown below.

How to Create Fillable Forms with Microsoft Word A proven way that will make your life easier in the whole learning process rather than most people take months or even years to master it. I am going to show you clearly, and exactly, how to start learning and mastering the programs using step-by-step online tutorials at your own comfort.

Insert a drop-down list adjacent to previously added text box. For Date of Birth options, we will be adding a Calendar control.

The basic forms controls have been added into document. Now we will move to form control customizations, in which we will be populating each form control with desired option.

For adding Occupation options in drop-down list, select the form control and from Controls group, click Properties. It will bring up Content Control Properties dialog, click Add to start populating drop-down list. In Add Choice input dialog, enter the choice and click OK.

For adding more, click Add in Content Control Properties dialog. Once added, click drop-down button to view the inserted options. For Email drop-down list, enter list of email addresses options in a same way as we did it for populating Occupation options.

For picking out date, click drop-down button, it will show you date picker tool to choose date from. For customizing the date format, select the date picker form content control and click Properties in Controls group.

Microsoft Word tutorial - Taught by Leading Microsoft Expert. A comprehensive guide to using Microsoft Word. Word - Basic – Exercises Poudre River Public Library District 1 Exercise 1 Open a New Word document (Click on File tab and select New) Select Blank Presentation Return to the File tab and choose Save As Name your document Pet Talent Contest Poster so you can find it again Once it is saved then look on the top of the screen – note the change. How to write Urdu in Ms Word. In this article you will learn to write Urdu in All versions of Microsoft Office including , , , , and ms word It will work on all windows including windows xp, vista, 7, 8 and windows

Now from Content Control Properties dialog, under Date Picker Properties, specify date format, and under Calendar type, you can choose an option from list of available calendar types.

Once configured, click OK to continue. We have demonstrated creating a simple user entry form, now you can distribute it for taking input, filling out databases, and for conducting e-surveys,

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Ms word 2010 tutorial

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9 word fundamentals character formatting. Template Example - . Ms Word Advanced Tutorial Pdf Download free Microsoft Office Tutorial course material, tutorial training, PDF file by Microsoft on 57 pages.

AT Labs has just upgraded all of the units in our labs to the Microsoft Office Suite future. This is an old . Advanced Microsoft Word Tutorial Pdf Download free Microsoft Office Tutorial course material, tutorial training, PDF file Save a document in Word, Save .

Word is the word processing application in the Microsoft Office suite. Get help producing and sharing documents here. Free Word Tutorial at GCFGlobal. Feb 12,  · An easy to follow step-by-step tutorial outlining everything you need to know about Word for the corporate environment, education or personal use.

Learn Word. Word is the word processing application in the Microsoft Office suite. Get help producing and sharing documents here. In this free Word tutorial, learn how to format text, use paragraph dialog boxes, add indents, work with tables and columns, and do more with your documents.

Microsoft Word Tutorial