Lego faces increasing competition marketing essay

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Lego faces increasing competition marketing essay

The product report also mentions that sales of the brand have now mushroomed.


In a world of increasing population, one would assume that sales should also increase. This is therefore an indication that LEGO is no longer what the child demands in a toy and its popularity is decreasing. An additional problem may have resulted from the fact that the firm needed to recall a rattle-snake product.

Attention is also brought to the disappointing results of the company inwhich is attributed to lack of efficiency. Specifically, the report draws attention to difficulties in co-ordinating production with demand for the most popular LEGO lines. This implies problems in the production line.

Furthermore, mention is made that the company intends to solve this inefficiency problem by cutting the size of the workforce. The lack of efficiency, coupled with the increased competition the company faces may help to explain the reduced sales that were seen in parts of Europe Germany and France.

However, there were also trade increases in countries such as Poland and Britain which indicates that LEGO is being successful in some areas. In terms of the macro marketing environment, the main problem facing LEGO is the cultural change that is taking place in society as a whole.

Even with the introduction of Media product, it is hard to see how LEGO could compete with companies such as Sony or Apply in producing products that appeal to the child market.

The company has also faced considerable reductions in sales in several countries that have seen a downturn in their economic environment. There have been stock reductions by the retail trade which has lead to a DKK million sales dip.

The technological environment has also progressed.

Lego faces increasing competition marketing essay

Where 50 years ago, the use of plastic in a toy may have been viewed as a highly innovative idea, today the consumer is much more attracted to technologically innovative toys.

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Although the price difference is only slightly different here, in underdeveloped markets, LEGO could face difficulties with competition acquiring some of their potential customers.

increasing the level of competition in the industry (Trautman, ). competition in the traditional toy market resulted in a loss of market share in most markets. Competitors chose to pursue a strategy of aligning themselves with LEGO Company’s products and marketing, new trendy products emerged and retailers developed own private labels products.!!

LEGO . World Robot Olympiad (WRO) is a global robotics competition offering a variety of categories to inspire collaborative creativity, strengthen math and science knowledge, promote teamwork, develop presentation skills, and increase enthusiasm for global robotics technology.

Nov 21,  · Watch video · Lego’s Success Leads to Competitors and Spinoffs. vice president for global brand marketing at MEGA Brands. Despite the growing competition, Lego continues its command in the category. Advertising & Marketing and traditional toy manufacturers are seeing increasing competition from digital gaming products, digital media and products that combine traditional “analog.

The LEGO Group faces increasing competition from new, strong and aggressive competitors who aggressively claim the LEGO brand value proposition thus we must be deliberate and aligned in building the LEGO brand so that it stands out clearly from competitors.

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