Legal law and graham dormitory complex

Search Privity of Contract A contract is an agreement between two or more parties that creates an obligation to do or not to do something. The parties to the contract are under an obligation to perform the terms and conditions as laid down in the contract.

Legal law and graham dormitory complex

March 16th, Author: Steve Graham I wrote about dorm room searches two years ago, and I figured I might revisit this topic. You can listen in here. Here is a transcript of the show: Now its time for the radio page turner, about law enforcement and justice based on real cases, real crime.

If you like law and order, unsolved mysteries, courtroom drama, your host Margaret McLean will keep you on the edge of your seats. She is a former prosecutor, legal thriller author, and law professor. Tune in as Margaret discusses all aspects of criminal law in sensational trials, with the help of real federal agents, undercover cops, private investigators, lawyers and even judges.

On the first hour today we will be delving into the fourth amendment, illegal search and seizures and focusing on privacy rights on college campuses. Stay tuned to know what every parent and college student should know. Defense attorney Steve Graham will be discussing the differences between a private university and a public one.

Legal law and graham dormitory complex

As you know we broadcast from Boston to L. Steve Graham is an attorney and blogger from the Pacific Northwest, he is a former elected District Attorney, and is currently a defense attorney focusing a lot of his practice on the defense of college students accused of crimes.

He represents several local fraternity chapters and he provides consulting work to other attorneys who are challenging the legality of the searches of college dorm rooms.

You can visit his website at grahamdefense. Steve, welcome to the show. You represent a large number of college students, and I will tell everyone out there that I found you through your popular blog. I have a hundred students at Boston College, and I am always looking for new search and seizure cases particularly in the college setting to talk about, and I found your Blog very informative, and I have enjoyed chatting with you prior to the show.

Dorm Room Rights M. It protects us from unreasonable search and seizures. I would like to start out by pointing out the differences between a public university and a private school. That dorm is a private area, it is where you live, it is where you keep your private effects and so that means you are protected by the fourth amendment against any sort of government intrusion.

But again, that is government intrusion, so you know while you might be protected at UCLA or a state school, when it is a private university it is kind of in a grey area because the constitution protects us against government actions not private entities.

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So usually it comes down to, Margaret, that we are also protected by campus police at private universities because those police officers carry the commissions with the local city or the local state. I know that is the case with Boston College. Right, now I know that Boston College and many other private universities are governed by private housing contracts which student sign when they go to school, in the beginning of school when it is busy.

Are they signing away some of their constitutional rights by signing the [contract]? Dorm Room Search Laws S. Here is kind of how it works. But those clauses are not upheld by courts because you do, after all, have rights to privacy whether these schools like it or not.

You see that litigated really nationwide. A current case that come to mind is the one at Santa Clara University. I think in where the court flatly rejected such a clause. However, if they are going into your room with the intent to investigate a potential crime, then really all bets are off and they really better have a warrant at that point.

Does this apply to the resident assistants as well? Well it sure does. Really when it comes to searches of dorm rooms two things are really relevant: If their intent, even if it is an R. But if they are just investigating loud music or maybe if there is some damage to property, or someone leaving their window open they can go in just as a landlord can.Upon arriving, the two entered Graham Hall, a dormitory on campus, and met Devin Tant (“Tant”), a student and Hall Director for the dormitory.

As a part of his job duties, Tant was tasked with checking in students who would be living in Graham Hall. Legal Essay – Consumer Law “Discuss whether the current law adequately protects consumers.” A consumer can be defined as someone who buys the goods or .

Imagine that you are a sophomore at Premier College, living in Room , Graham Dormitory complex, , University Road, Metropolis, West Virginia. The college requires you to maintain current medical and vaccination records as proof of your physical health.

I started law school 10 years ago this week. While you may be aware that I consider the law to be mostly very funny, I take law school pretty seriously. Rob Graham joined Mills Paskert Divers in and practices in the area of commercial litigation, with concentrations in construction and suretyship law.

Legal law and graham dormitory complex

Prior to joining the firm, Rob worked as an Assistant State Attorney in the State Attorney’s Office in Jacksonville, Florida. There, Rob served in the felony division and prosecuted hundreds of cases, gaining significant litigation experience.

Graham & Graham Co., L.P.A. engages in the general practice of law but the firm is primarily focused in civil litigation at both state and federal court levels, with an emphasis on complex Personal Injury, Social Security Disability, Workers’ Compensation, and Oil and Gas law.

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