Fame good or bad

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Fame good or bad

There can be good fame and there can be bad fame. I have always had a really hard time with "famous" people who lead lives which promote bad behavior and morality in children. Think of the baseball player or the actor that a child looks up to, the one the child dreams about being.

This "hero" to the child constantly gets into I would have to say that fame is what you make of it.

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This "hero" to the child constantly gets into trouble for drugs, sexual exploits, drinking and driving, or domestic abuse. Is this the kind of person that one would want their child looking up to? Is this where fame has lead them? If so, I think that this type of fame is bad.

As for the good kind of fame. They support their communities, contribute to needy charities, and exude the qualities children should admire. This is good fame.

Bad Examples

Therefore, I think that fame is what you make of it. If you make the right choices as someone famous, then the fame is truly deserved. If you make the wrong choices because of the prosperity that the fame has brought your way, then it is a bad fame.

These are simply my own personal feelings on your question.

Fame good or bad

Many may support my answer, and a good many more may not.Matthew Bolin discovered popular music could be a good thing at age During a field trip to a local college library, he found Rolling Stone's " Best Albums, " issue, and a great and glorious world opened up.

10 Bad People Besides Bill Cosby Whose Stars Will Never Be Removed From the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Does happiness consist in wealth? In honor? In fame or glory?

In power?

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Fame good or bad

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