Essays about sale associates

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Essays about sale associates

Likewise, retail companies who are hiring associates must hire the very best in order to increase revenue. Associates who have well-developed skills can help both themselves and their company to be successful.

Organizational Skills Making it as a sales associate requires good organizational skills. To provide superior customer service, sales associates must have the ability to keep track of frequent customers, their likes and dislikes and their contact information.

Associates are also often responsible for ensuring merchandise is displayed in an organized and appealing manner. Interpersonal Skills Sales associates not only must be skilled at dealing with "difficult" customers. They must also be able to make customers feel welcome and valued in the retail environment.

Advanced interpersonal skills can make a good sales associate even better. Sales associates need to be good team players who are able to capably resolve conflicts that arise in the work environment. Ideally, the sales associate projects confidence that puts customers at ease.

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Communication Skills A sales associate must have the ability to effectively tell customers about the products, and needs to be able to comfortably greet customers and make small talk. Good sales associates can identify what customers are looking for by listening carefully to what the customer is saying she needs.

People who have proficiency in more than one language may have an advantage on the sales floor in areas that have large numbers of people from different cultures, according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics.

Literacy Skills Although the majority of a sales associates time is typically spent interacting with customers, the associate must have a high level of literacy in reading, writing, math and technology. Customers may ask about discounts, requiring the associate to quickly calculate prices. Associates will likely be working with a sophisticated register system, and must be able to effectively troubleshoot technical problems.

All employees, including associates, receive memos and training materials that they must be able to comprehend and apply.

Salespeople who maintain customer contact will need to be able to write contact letters. References 2 Bureau of Labor Statistics: Her expertise includes mentoring, serving at-risk students and corporate training.

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Essays about sale associates

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Essays about sale associates

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