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I was going to do one of those year in review things where I wrote about all the good things of And then I remembered:

Essay news photo video year

This is where planes go to die. Once they land on this airstrip, they are condemned to never move again and be salvaged for parts. This was not the weirdest part of this stretch of land. A long, washed out dirt road separated the two towns and featured an eclectic mix of litter.

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The creepiest kind of junk. Neither of our teams were on this road, so we tried to get through it as quickly as possible while cooking up ideas about the local mafiosos who used this particular stretch of land as their own, personal graveyards. I think he will now tell you about our dinner.

Just popcorn and almonds and bottled water. This was no way to live. We made it through the Trash Alley unscathed and I begged them to find the first establishment that served food. It had been nearly 24 hours since any of us had eaten anything substantial, and I was ready to eat literal trash, but Stephen and Sarah seemed intent on finding a restaurant that served VEGAN food.

Any place that even served a sandwich containing mayonnaise was immediately nixed. I died a little on the inside. I had to remind them that we just drove through a town where stray dogs outnumbered people 2-to-1 and that we would need to settle on an establishment that had neither Wifi nor non-canned vegetables.

They cowed slightly, and we ended up at a Chinese restaurant called The Village. This raised a few concerns about overall restaurant sanitation, but we emerged with our bowels mostly intact.

Essay news photo video year

The sun was now about to set, and we had to figure out what to do for content purposes. Because the two teams we were following were now hours apart.

Ryan and I were now left to own devices and terrible ideas.

Essay news photo video year

We decided we would backtrack towards Trash Alley in an attempt to catch some footage of the slower team we were following.

We turned around and headed to a truck stop to catch some sleep. Sarah was deep into REM and Ryan had on a goddamn eye mask and earplugs. I was in the front seat, eyes wide open, protecting our lives as tweakers began hanging out at this truck stop.

The way out of Barstow was up and over some jeep trails and this is where we caught up with one of our teams.

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They were actually lost and we guided them back on path. This was one of countless selfless acts we would contribute to the Speed Project during the weekend. Sunrise broke with the realization that this team would have to endure another day running through the desert.

I was barely hanging on, but these people were high fiving each other and keeping up an even pace. We actually managed to get some footage in the morning of the second day before I made an executive decision to find a parking lot to take another mid-morning nap.

What was supposed to be a minute power nap, ended up being close to an hour. It was at this moment that Stephen and Sarah again flexed their Yup and began whining for coffee, debating where they could get it, and bemoaning the perceived lack of quality of the coffee they would get at any of these desert establishments.

They settled on drinking canned Starbucks while I wept openly and audibly. We then entered the most picturesque portion of the course. Normally if you were driving to Vegas, you would take the shortest route which is down the We eventually passed the two teams that were winning a team from the luxury clothing outfitters, Tracksmith, followed then by a French team named the Sunchasers.A report in Forbes in named him as the top earning deceased celebrity for every year since his death, earning $ million in alone.

The man may have died but his music is living on. The Outer Line: Using motion-detection system to get the right bike fit The Outer Line: Tour of China’s East meets West challenges, part 3 The VeloNews Show.

Monica Lewinsky writes in Vanity Fair for the first time about her affair with President Clinton: “It’s time to burn the beret and bury the blue dress.” She also says: “I, myself, deeply.

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We took to the roads from Los Angeles to Las Vegas last weekend to witness 40+ teams take on the harsh task of running a miles relay race through some of the most intense terrain in the country.

View photo galleries about the environment and social issues, and see the top breaking news images from the week. Home Headlines & Breaking News Photo Essay: BPJCC Annual Food Distribution Th Which 80 year old needs a case of oranges or apples?

And to let them stand in the heat for so long thinking that.

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