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Here are some guidelines for writing a descriptive essay. Take time to brainstorm. If your instructor asks you to describe your favorite food, make sure that you jot down some ideas before you begin describing it. For instance, if you choose pizza, you might start by writing down a few words:

Descriptive title

What Is a Descriptive Essay?

Dealing with Formal and Descriptive Titles posted on by Erin Brenner Last week, I outlined some of the different rules for capping a composition title.

Formal titles are, in essence, proper nouns and are capped, both in the main text and in headlines and titles.

Descriptive title

Descriptive titles are common nouns and are lowercased. So how do you distinguish a formal title from a descriptive one? Some style guides identify occupational titles, such as editor or engineer, as frequently used descriptive titles.

With the exception of Yahoo, all the styles I surveyed advise lowercasing the title: Jury finds writer John Smith guilty of plagiarism Yahoo advises capping descriptive titles for the sake of simplicity.

General Manager Shan Chu began her career in the mailroom. But what happens when a modifier comes before the formal title, as with former President Carter?

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Most style books advise keeping the formal title capped. CMS, however, makes a finer distinction. CMS says that if the formal title is modified, then you lowercase it: The reasoning is that president is no longer acting as a formal title. Which is likely why none of the other styles I looked at address the distinction.

What do you do with those titles that appear without the name, as with: Generally, formal titles are also lowercased: Gail Winters was named senior vice president of widgets and gadgets at Fun Toys Co.

The president gave his speech from the Rose Garden. Keeping the Rules Straight Are you dizzy yet with the variations? Formal titles are capped before a personal name and lowercased otherwise. Descriptive titles are lowercased. You may want to record any variations in your style sheet, though, for easy reference.

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For variations in the styles I surveyed here, download this chart. She has been a publishing professional for two decades, working in a variety of media. Follow her on LinkedIn and SlideShare.A DESCRIPTIVE TITLE, NOT TOO GENERAL, NOT TOO LONG Markus Puschel¨ Department of Computer Science ETH Zurich¨ Zurich, Switzerland¨ The hard page limit is 6 pages in this style.

Descriptive Titles For Jesus The ramifications of the name of Jesus are so great that the Bible is filled with descriptive titles for Jesus. Nearly three hundred of these are listed below with a few having the number of times the word is .

Suggestive Titles. A suggestive title (also known as an implicative title) is almost the exact opposite of a descriptive one. It merely hints at the topic, whereas a descriptive title boldly declares it.

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Creative and catchy, this is the type of title you see most often on bookstore books (the non-academic ones). A descriptive title allows a user to easily identify what Web page they are using and to tell when the Web page has changed.

The title can be used to identify the Web page without requiring users to read or interpret page content.

Descriptive title

Create Catchy and Descriptive Titles Attract your readers! By readers I mean not only researchers who will read your published paper, but also the editor of the journal where you submit your manuscript, and the peer reviewers .

A DESCRIPTIVE TITLE, NOT TOO GENERAL, NOT TOO LONG Markus Puschel¨ Department of Computer Science ETH Zurich¨ Zurich, Switzerland¨ The hard page limit is 6 pages in this style.

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