Cuhk research and thesis writing

All cells must contain text. This will form the heart of your thesis. An effective statement will express one major idea. This should be an argument for the opposing view that you admit has some merit, even if you do not agree with the overall viewpoint.

Cuhk research and thesis writing

It offers us a good opportunity to understand people through their daily life, to know the reason why people do one thing rather than another. My current research interest is in the realm of Chinese folk religion, especially in those religious practitioners such as shamans and fengshui masters.

In my hometown Jingjiang, shamans act as the medium between the living and spirit world and help clients to solve problems related to supernatural beings. Through analyzing the life experience of shaman as well as the consulting practices of their clients, I seek to learn how shamanism becomes a kind of resource for clients to solve their existential crisis.

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Through anthropology, I get to know people who live very different lives with me, and to explore communities, groups or places that I was not previously aware of. I became more reflective of myself and the society we are living in through knowing the others. Anthropology has taught me two important things: It urges me to be a humble person.

My current research project is on senses of life after death in South China, particularly in Guangzhou and Hong Kong. I am interested in exploring the link, if any, between how people envision life after death and how they understand their lives. My undergraduate internship experience at the Nicholson Museum, The University of Sydney, inspired me to develop research interests in university museums, archaeology and arts.

One museum activity impressed me most: I still remembered the joyful laughers from the kids and how they cherished this exciting learning experience. After joining the internship, I started to consider: It is hence the core research question that I would like to explore in my current research about university museums in Hong Kong.

We listen to the minority and the marginal, appreciate the differences and disagreements, and try to understand the people from their native point of view.

I am interested in gender which is one of the most significant identities for everyone in our daily and social life. To understand their lives better and to make their voices and stories be heard, continual and deep interaction with them is the most important part in my research.

My research is basically about a phenomenon in mainland China; that every year roughly sincethousands of people--from all over China, at all ages, with all kinds of socioeconomic standing, travel to Chengdu to start a grand cycling journey to Lhasa.

The route is about kilometers long, and in average cyclists spend a month to finish the journey. Such a phenomenon arouses my curiosity; what kind of person would undertake the journey? Why do they do this time-consuming, physically-demanding and potentially dangerous deed?

And what does this phenomenon tell us about contemporary China? To quote from a great anthropologist, "all humans are born with the potential to live thousands of lives, yet we end up having lived only one.

I think studying anthropology gives us the precise chance to break away with a single life--by reading and studying other cultures and peoples, we are able to realize the relativity of our own lives and a further understanding of humanity is reached only after this reflection.

But I believe all anthropologists are fearless in a way, after all to do research they have to start a new life in an often completely unfamiliar environment.

My fieldwork is being mainly conducted in a treatment camp of internet addiction based in Beijing. Gathering voices from the young "patients", their parents, as well as the drillmasters and psychologists who attempt to rectify their bodies and heal their minds, I will try to present the complicated picture of the campaign that aims at "rescuing" internet addicts in this institution.

There is a wide range of anthropological researches covering different cultures and societies. Anthropology does not only train students to be more observant and insightful towards the surrounding social issues, it also leads us to reflect our own life and our close relations to this diverse and dynamic world.

During the research process of my undergraduate thesis on left-handedness, I discovered my research interests in bodily habits and the everyday life.

My current research interests further include medical anthropology. I am now planning to conduct my research project on sleep and sleeplessness in Hong Kong, a subtle but presumably profound issue in this vibrant, highly urbanised city.

It is valuable as it offers not just a single disciplinary perspective but rather a cross-disciplinary one. My research project is an interview-based study on people who has abandoned their Christian faith — namely ex-Christians. I aim to figure out what replaces their faith, and how they function in and make sense of their post-faith lives.

I started my project focusing on ex-Christians in Hong Kong because I am one of them, which could simply give me some advantages to do my fieldwork. Through three years of study in this discipline, I find that doing anthropology is a journey from exploration to self-exploration.

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The positive influence it has on me does not just come from its special way of thinking, but also from the alternatives it provides, the interdisciplinary methodology and the modest attitude it bears to understand our world in a more comprehensive way, which I believe could not easily be achieved through studying in many "popular" disciplines.

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Cuhk research and thesis writing

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