Contemporary marketing

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Contemporary marketing

With each groundbreaking new edition, this bestseller only grows stronger, building on past milestones with exciting new innovations.

The updated edition continues the Boone and Kurtz tradition of delivering the most technologically advanced, student-friendly, instructor-supported text available. I don't have much experience to the field of marketing prior to reading this, but this helped me tremendously in understanding the basics and working its way up to have the fundamental understanding of marketing.

Excellent By Mama on May 15, I am new to many aspect of marketing, and I was thoroughly impressed with the contents of this book. I ended up using it a lot and it has some good and useful information in it.

So, for having had no choice in book selection, lol! Since it is a text book its going to have that sort of feel but if you need it, it will do the job just fine. Our class used this one or the new edition.

Most of the book is the same with some change to the order of the chapters so just use the titles instead of the numbers and you will be ok. Marketing By Juelie Perry on Dec 12, I used this for a marketing course and really learned Contemporary marketing lot from the text.

The applicable stories about companies, the layout of the edition and the ease of reading made this an enjoyable textbook Cmarketing By Cmarketing on Aug 15, Book was in very good condition as described.

Contemporary marketing

Have not used yet as it is for Fall Semester. Would recommend seller and Amazon for future text book orders. Thanks, Brenda Daniels Didn't even use By Deathbycute on Dec 18, Teacher required us to have this. It's still in the plastic 2 semesters later.

I really wanted to waste my money on a giant paper weight. Four Stars By Jeramy on Jul 02, very easy to follow, used maybe three classes Learn about Marketing if you can stay awake while reading By Ron on May 30, Bought this book because it was a required text book for my marketing class.

There are a lot of interesting things that I did learn, however the way it was written it lost my attention a lot and fell asleep multiple times. However, if you can stay awake while reading this book than I am sure you will learn a lot of information.

I was very unhappy and would never do that to a buyer. Detailed information about marketing from all aspects. Great resource for developing a marketing plan for any business. Robertson on Feb 04, I was required to get this textbook for my marketing class, and while it has a lot of pictures and cool tidbits in captions on the sides, overall it's just a marketing textbook.

Not much more to say about it Professors or administrators, please do not make your students purchase this textbook. It is a waste of time. By Alex on Dec 21, I would like to preface that my rating of this book does not coincide with my grade an Anor does it coincide with the quality of the professor who I thought was very interesting as she brought many concepts of the workplace with her.

I purchased this textbook used, thankfully for a semester of Marketing. I hoped that the book would give unique perspectives to the world of marketing, or at least give the reader a feel for it. Instead, I received a book about VERY basic marketing practices that was loaded with fluff and unnecessary pages.

If the authors are going over the concept of a monopoly, a concept that should be taught at latest in High School in both chapter 3 page 66 AND chapter 18 pageI'm well-inclined to think that the authors or publisher are adding this in just for the purposes of adding extra pages to make an extra buck.

In addition, the textbook itself has numerous examples of marketing stories that would be appropriate in the main text, but are instead added to the bottom of pages. This makes the book harder to read, as now I have to move back a few pages for something I wasn't sure was part of the text or even important in the first place.

I am giving the textbook two stars as there are some very important and current concepts covered, and there is an appendix of useful examples of "How To".

That being said, I do not think it is worth the time of you or your students to use this book. My instructor required Principles of Marketing on his syllabus and then directed us to buy Contemporary Marketing in an email, so I bought both. Well, I guess the book is about marketing and calling the same book two different titles to sells more.

My college class actually required a more recent edition, but the professor allowed the edition for students to save money: Content is almost completely the same as the edition, though the chapters are arranged differently.

Great graphics and accounts, text is relatively simple to understand. Great book By Luana Teles on Feb 28, I purchased a used book and as it said on its description, the cover was damaged.

I am glad I made the decision to buy it because it cost me a lot less than a new one and the damage they mentioned doesn't not affect anything regarding the content of the book.Jun 27,  · Contemporary Marketing The Video Lecture by Dr. Prasad, Principal from Laqshya College of Management. Modern Marketing is a full service, boutique, digital marketing agency. We specialize in digital strategy, traffic generation and building optimized web sites for small, mid-sized businesses and start-ups. All sites are registered with Google and are mobile friendly.

Contemporary Marketing Inc is an Illinois Corporation. The company's principal address is Barclay Blvd, Buffalo Grove, IL The company has 1 principal on pfmlures.comon: Illinois (IL). Launching a contemporary digital marketing campaign can be tricky and involves several layers of integration.

What makes a campaign contemporary is its use of new and innovative digital channels and how you use these alongside more traditional methods of marketing. In order for your campaign to be. CONTEMPORARY MARKETING, Seventeenth Edition, is the proven, premier teaching and learning resource for foundational marketing courses.

The authors provide thorough coverage of. Contemporary Marketing by Boone & Kurtz has proven to be the premier principles of marketing text and package since the first edition. With each edition, this best selling author team builds and improves upon past innovations, creating the most technologically advanced, student friendly, instructor supported text available.

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