Compare apples and oranges

June 2, Yes and No.

Compare apples and oranges

Very easy and helpful by Will on Nov 26, I spoke with Aaron and he was very helpful and informative. He answered all my queries and helped me select the right cover. He also helped me through the process after I signed up and pointed out things I need to be wary of as my circumstances change.

Fantastic service, really helpful consultant! Makes comparing apples with oranges health fund jargon much simpler, thanks! Very happy with the result we achieved.

She was able to give me options to choose from and she came up with a new fund for us. I am extremely happy with the outcome of our discussion and am looking forward to dealing with our new fund in the future.

Lifetime Health Cover LHC Loading is a Federal Government initiative designed to encourage more Aussies to take up private health insurance at a younger age and continue to maintain it long term.

Read more Do I have to serve waiting periods if I switch health insurance covers? The Australian Government rebate on private health insurance is an incentive for more Aussies to take up health cover.

If eligible, the government rebate helps to reduce the costs of your insurance premiums when you lodge your tax claim. Read more Does my health insurance policy automatically provide ambulance cover?

Compare apples and oranges

The short answer is no, your health insurance policy may not always give you ambulance cover. Read more What is extras cover and can I save on medical expenses? Private hospital cover helps cover the cost of your medical treatment and healthcare as a private patient in a hospital. Read more Do I need to take out hospital and extras cover?

The short answer is no, but most people do. People take it out because they like to be covered in case of an accident, or want choice if they require hospital treatment, as well as having support for their everyday health lifestyle.

The Medicare Levy Surcharge is a tax imposed by the Australian Federal Government designed to alleviate the pressure of the public healthcare system. Read more Are all health insurers the same? Definitely not and the differences are much more significant than people realise.

There are two types of health insurers — those who exist to make profits for investors or overseas owners and then there are not-for-profit or mutual funds who exist solely to benefit their members. It always pays to get advice from a third party like Members Own.

If you live in the market of NSW or any other part of Australia, it pays to understand who your local health insurer is as some of the benefits and third party arrangements can vary depending on where you live.

Read more What is the difference between a private hospital and public hospital? Read more When will my health insurance premium increase? Health insurance premium rate rises typically happen from the 1st of April each year. Some health funds increase their premiums more than others. The average premium percentage rate increase announced by the Federal Health Minister was 4.Comparing loans of different lenders is the most difficult part of mortgage shopping.

You need to compare rates, points, closing costs and loan features. Feb 24,  · I am curious to know, for sellers who use both and ( how their sales compare on both sites, both in terms of quantity, and from other metrics like refund requests (or anything that you might think is worth pointing out)..

Sort of an apples and oranges type deal, it depends what you sell.

Compare apples and/to/with oranges

As a Canadian based seller, for the last decade I have used all three: amazon. apples and oranges Two unlike things or people. Oh, you can't compare those two companies, they're apples and oranges! My mom and my mother-in-law are just apples and oranges and should not be left alone in the same room for too long.

See also: and, apple, orange apples and oranges Fig. two entities that are not similar. (Used especially in reference to. The Cruise Control Diet was started by James Ward. The program comes in the form of an ebook—priced at $ plus $10 shipping—and claims to be a simple diet to follow with no point- .

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