Bricks and mortar case study

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Bricks and mortar case study

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Our brick slip range here at brickslips. We boast a product portfolio that has undergone rigorous development, research and testing along with extensive market research. All this effort is to ensure that our clients can be confident that the products that they order always make the cut.

This effort and meticulous strife for perfection is magnified even further when we are introducing reclaimed bricks within our brick slip product range.

Bricks and mortar case study

For us to be able to offer a consistent and trusted product the reclaimed bricks we purchase have to be of outstanding quality and large enough volume.

This is for a number of reasons, one being that their age and history may have compromised the brick making them unable to be cut into brick slips.

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The size and structure of the reclaim bricks also have to be able to withstand the forces exerted during our manufacture process. Red brick and engineering brick Red brick and engineering brick are the most common brick types that fall within our reclaimed brick slip category, their robust build quality and widespread use across the UK throughout the 20th century have meant that when purchased in sufficient quantity they provide our customers with a good solid reclaimed brick slip.

These brick slips were cut from reclaimed bricks that came from the historic Doncaster Blood Stock following its demolition. With over a million bricks having been reclaimed from this historic site we were very fortunate to be able to obtain the entire parcel of bricks. You can see the Olde Victorian Red blend brick slips featured in this exemplary case study of the Linkedin office Environmental advantage to using Reclaimed Brick slips We all live in world where environmental impact and carbon footprints are taken very seriously and it is in every human beings best interest to try and do their bit.

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Manufacturing brick slips does make a mark, but by using reclaimed bricks where we can helps to combat this, giving us the perfect opportunity to reduce our carbon emissions.

Conclusion The fact brickslips. Character, colour and age that are manufactured by history itself, reclaimed brick offers our brick slip range a deep authenticity, alongside environmental benefits and superior aesthetics.

When you look to choose a product for your feature wall then take a moment to think about what story you want the brick to tell. If you want your feature wall to read as a best seller then choosing a reclaimed brick slip will give you an age old classic.Brick and mortar companies deciding to make part of e-commerce would adopt a high complex supply chain structure where instead of sending their products to a retail store, they would have to send it to dispersed customers in multi-locations.

Saint-Gobain and CertainTeed North American Headquarters. Case Study – The headquarters features innovative building materials from the Saint-Gobain family of companies, including glazing, roofing, insulation, gypsum wallboard, and acoustical ceilings and wall panels, and serves as a living laboratory so employees can evaluate products while making improvements.

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By filling in gaps left by financial accounting, nonfinancial measures (such as customer loyalty and employee satisfaction) promise to complete the picture of your company’s performance. Reclaimed bricks offer designers and clients a touch of history and uniqueness.

Our brick slip range here at is something that we are inherently proud of. The decision to repoint is most often related to some obvious sign of deterioration, such as disintegrating mortar, cracks in mortar joints, loose bricks or stones, damp walls, or damaged plasterwork.


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