Backpacking checklist

It has a non-tapered design so you have just as much room on both ends of the tent, and the Hubba Hubba is very similar in size, space, and weight to the Mountain Hardwear Ghost Sky 2 Tent, which I used to use.

Backpacking checklist

Backpacking Packing List • Pro Hacks and Tips for Packing

Underwear — We have not noticed a huge difference in various synthetic underwear models but we do review some fancy models in our travel underwear review. Optional Items but highly recommended Cord — For fixing broken shoelaces, gaiters, pole grips etc. Garbage or Trash Compactor Bag - for lining you pack and keeping stuff dry Gaiters — For keeping dirt out of your hiking shoes and boots.

Handheld GPS — You might also consider using an app on your smartphone but keep in mind you need to download maps in advance and store them on your phone while you have an internet connection.

We only use light fleece. Heavier fleece is too heavy and doesn't give enough warmth compared to an insulated jacket. Rain Backpacking checklist — Rain pants are only optional in relatively dry areas with predictable weather like the Southwest desert or the Sierra Nevada.

Backpacking checklist

For rainy areas, they may be mandatory. Satellite Messenger or Personal Locator Beacon — Indespensible for coordinating a rescue or calling for help if you are out of cell service.

Toilet Paper — and heavy duty zip locks to pack it out Trekking Poles — You can also use ski poles or no poles. Optional Items that are either luxuries or for specific applications Backpacking Chair — You can also sit on your foam sleeping pad or bring a small piece of foam.

Camp Shoes — Shoes or booties that weigh only a few ounces and have no sole or a very soft and light sole. We recommend a shoe like the Nike Free which weighs little and can double as a river-crossing shoe. Multi-Tool We prefer light options like the Gerber Dime. Wind Jacket — We generally prefer an ultralight rain jacket like the Outdoor Research Helium 2 because wind jackets are only a little lighter than ultralight rain jackets and not waterproof.

Backpacking checklist

Ultralight Gear List Keep in mind that many of the options above are already very light. The ultralight gear listed below shaves, even more, weight in two ways; 1. While many OGL Reviewers love ultralight backpacking, we also acknowledge the gear comes at a higher cost and requires learning new skills and habits that many backpackers, especially casual backpackers, may not want to pay for, or experience.

Bivy Sack — If you are going solo, this can save weight and set up time. However, if you have two or more people, many bivy sacks are heavier than a light two or three-person tent.

Backpacking Checklist

Hammock — Only for certain climates and sleeping situations. Minimalist First Aid Kit — Some backpackers feel you only need some Advil to manage pain and duct tape for blisters, to cover minor cuts, and to create a splint to get you back to the trailhead for real medical attention.

If you have alergies, bring Benadryl. Ultralight Sleeping Bags and Quilts Stuff sack — All sleeping bags come with them, but you might want to upgrade to a compression stuff sack to save space. Tent Accessories — Most tents come with a ground cover, tent stakes, and tensioning cord.

But if you're trying to go ultralight or just want the best quality, you may consider an upgrade described at the bottom of our Ultralight Tent Review. See also Modular Accessories for Floorless Tents. Ultralight Tents and Tarp Shelters — These ultralight alternatives to a traditional tent save pounds but are rarely free-standing or enclosed.

See our Ultralight Tent Buying Advice to see if they are right for you. While hiking the John Muir Trail, we didn't even take the backpack off at rests, it was so comfortable!The only way to completely prevent accidents in the backcountry is to never go outside.

The next best option is to carry these 10 backpacking . Without a backpacking checklist, I inevitably forget something. Nothing can ruin a trip quicker than leaving behind a piece of important gear or some food. Without a backpacking checklist, I inevitably forget something. Nothing can ruin a trip quicker than leaving behind a piece of important gear or some food.

Choose the lightest-weight versions of the items on this list that you can find, afford or feel comfortable with. Organizing your gear into systems can be a good way to remember to pack what you need. Backpacking Packing List – Adventure Checklist If you’re a keen hiker or adventurer, you know that you’ll need to carry more gear It’s great to pack light but if you’re spending a lot of time camping out or hiking through the mountains, it’s important to be prepared.

Packing mishaps range from inconvenient (heading to the Caribbean without a swimsuit) to disastrous (discovering you left the country .

Backpacking Packing List • Pro Hacks and Tips for Packing