An argument in hacking

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An argument in hacking

Con When you hack, you are stealing information from somebody. Stealing is wrong no matter what. Taking something that is not yours is completely unacceptable. This applies to governments and developers too. The data stored in public databases should be limited and only used by the users to prevent hackers from getting the information.

Therefore, hacking is a bad thing no matter what situation you are in. Pro Hacking is good because it exposes corruption, cheating, and it helps governments track down criminals and terrorists. Hacking has shown us how the NSA is spying on everyone, hacking has shown us the Panama Papers and how corrupt government and corporations are with off shore tax evasion.

Hacking has stopped hundreds of ISIS and other terrorist attacks being planned. As long as you are connected through the internet you are connected to the whole world and anyone anywhere can access your network and hack.

The same thing is true for a lot of other situations.

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Criminals and terrorists can be tracked just fine without hacking. Hacking is very bad because anybody can access your data and steal it. There should be much more security. You would go to jail.

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It is still bad. Pro I am assuming that you are joking about hacking my computer right now I am currently running a scan of the ports, and doing a port scan. So stay on your machine a little longer. This will show me the ports that are open on your machine, the OS, will tell me what type of firewall or router you are using so I can plan a course of action on your system.

And any criminal can do it also, this is why you need to hack the criminals as well, that is why hacking is not bad. Hacking criminals and terrorists is the only way to stop crime and stay ahead of it. You are essentially saying come on in and take what you want. No computer system is unhackable unless you have a close circuit system and no foreign people or data uploaded to it.

Report this Argument Con "I am currently running a scan of the ports, and doing a port scan. The consequences of no hacking would not be as dramatic as you state. In fact, it would cause very good things to happen because of no stolen ID or information. Hacking could be what gets a terrorist into the country in the first place.

No hacking means no doing that. Every device and item you use has a chip in it, most can be accessed through wifi, the whole world is connected digitally.

So therefore anything can be hacked, so unless you live in a cave in a middle of a forest where there is no wifi signal, everything is hackable. There are bad hackers and there are good hackers.

An argument in hacking

Hacking is not going away. You asked how the CIA hacks, read about Stuxnet, a secret program where the USA hacked the Iranian nuclear plants to override the cores to stop Iran from creating nuclear weapons. This is why hacking is good.

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Panama papers also good hacking exposing fraud by the rich and greedy. You must be thinking of the hackers who steal banking info and identity theft, yes that is bad hacking, but you have to be aware there is also good hacking.

But I think that you have at least some access to my computer, so I am ending this debate and reporting the argument.Hacking Supplier Diversity: Cracking the Code for the Business Case: Revenue Generation, Economic Impact, ROI [Scott A Vowels PhD] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

For over fifty years, proponents of supplier diversity have discussed the positive effect on revenue that comes from using underrepresented suppliers.

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Read the pros and cons of the debate Is hacking a good thing? This post has been updated with Sen. McCain's statement. Sen.

Hacks to improve a product.

John McCain (R-Ariz.) was the last senator to question former FBI director James B. Comey at Thursday's Senate Intelligence Committee.

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