A discussion on the children overboard incident and the tampa affair

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A discussion on the children overboard incident and the tampa affair

I was under the impression PM Howard wasn't very popular in Australia. This is kind of like asking, WI there were no Madrid bombings isnt it? This sort of conversation could easily boil down to discussion or heated argument of current politics rather than alternate history, and I for one will not take part in any political arguments, but, for what it's worth, here's the potential alternate history content: Before the last election, there was a time when the Australian federal government coalition was running extremely poorly in the polls.

They had started to recover, then came the Tampa incident, which to oversimplify was a boatload of refugees who were rescued by a Norwegian vessel the Tampa.

A discussion on the children overboard incident and the tampa affair

The refugees wanted to come to Australia, the captain of the Tampa took them to an Australian island, and the Australian government refused to let them land. There were accusations of some of the refugees children getting thrown overboard so that the Tampa would have to rescue them.

There was also a general election coming up in Norway, which may or may not have had something to do with Norway's refusal - I don't know enough about Norwegian politics to comment. The Australian Government's position may have been correct under international law; I don't know enough to comment about that either, and any discussions of the moral or ethical obligations is too likely to degenerate into political bickering rather than alternate history comment.

The federal opposition leader in Australia Kim Beazley also vacillated over the issue and according to poll researchers looked like a poor leader as a result, which probably weakened the opposition's position considerably.

It may have weakened the Australian Government's chances of re-election, but they had been rebounding in the polls even before that affair, and electoral research within Australia post-election indicated that security and general uncertainty over 11 September also played a major part this tends to favour incumbent goverments, at least in Australia.

An opposition Labour victory in would have resulted in various changes within Australia I don't want to delve too much into the likely policies and how many of the pre-election policies would actually have been carried out in office - too much of current politics but the odds of Australian involvement in Iraq would have been significantly reduced to almost zero.

Given Australia's geopolitical significance, what effect that would have had on broader world history would probably be summed up as "not much". As to very recent political status, Howard the current Australian PM is slightly ahead in the opinion polls, if I remember right - it varies from poll to poll - but there's an old adage worth remembering that the only poll that counts is the one on election day.

There has to be an Australian federal election by early February, I think and that will be the only important verdict on his popularity.TRUTH OVERBOARD: ONE YEAR AFTER TAMPA. refugees, deportees and TPVs. Chris Sidoti.

National Spokesperson. Human Rights Council of Australia. Deakin University. 5 December INTRODUCTION.

Former SAS commander breaks silence on Tampa - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

A year has passed since the terrible events of the last quarter of The Australian Government’s handling of the Tampa affair and implementation of the Pacific Solution attracted international criticism.

However, in the six years from only 23 boats arrived in Australia compared to 43 carrying more than asylum-seekers in alone. Nov 10,  · The Children Overboard occurred after the Tampa when a navy ship stopped a boat from entering Australian waters or at least making land fall.

Photographs of the people on the boat holding up their children and later when the boat sunk of adults and children in the water being rescued were taken. I got into the SO prior to the no LSD rule (?). I stayed because if I left, I could never get back in because I’d taken LSD.

My husband and two out of 5 children were in the SO.

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